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Orlando Roofing Company Reviews: Why You Should Do Your Research Before Getting Your Roof Replaced

orlando roofing company reviews

Doing your research before hiring a roofing company is easier than ever in the age of the internet. Here are a few reasons why you should look at Orlando roofing company reviews before making your decision.

How many times have you read the user reviews of a product online before purchasing it? In today’s world, we are in constant information overload. There are so many choices that we crave a simple way to narrow down the list. Reviews give us insight into others’ experiences with a product or service. We can base our decisions on whether the majority of users enjoyed their purchase and would recommend it or had a terrible experience and are trying to steer others away.

When it’s time to research a company for your roofing needs, reviews should be your go-to if you need to shorten your list of choices. Consider these benefits of reading Orlando roofing company reviews.

Reviews Give You Knowledge of a New Product or Service

If you’ve never needed a roof repair or replacement, it can be overwhelming to find a reputable roofing company. Asking friends and neighbors only gets you so far. Opening up Orlando roofing company reviews on the world wide web gives you exponentially more information. 

Orlando roofing company reviews can explain terminology and how the process works. Does the roofing company handle filing permits? Do they clean up after the job is done? What is a flat roof? These questions and more can be highlighted in customer reviews.

Reviews Show You How A Company Handles Complaints

When you begin your research, you will likely perform a Google search for the company you’re looking into. First, you should look at their rating. How many stars do they have? Every reviewer gives a star rating, so the more stars a company has, the better. 

Next, you should read through the customer reviews. Scroll down to any 1-star reviews. Did the company respond to the user who was not satisfied? Did the company work to resolve the issue? Customer service is crucial to a company’s reputation.

At Advantage Roofing, you’ll see that we have a high Google rating and a number of stellar reviews. And if anyone is not 100% satisfied with our work, we will fix the problem and make it right.

Reviews Reveal a Company’s Reputationorlando roofing company reviews

Spending money on home repairs can be stressful. Paying money upfront and having to trust that the company will get the work done can be worrisome. Knowing that a company will do what they say they will do can take the stress out of your roofing project. 

The more Orlando roofing company reviews you read from satisfied customers, the more confident you can feel about hiring that company. Take a look at our Google reviews to see how satisfied our customers are. In fact, here is one review from Nicky B. that showcases our professionalism:

“Advantage Roofing did a great job. Had a flat roof and installed a 1/4 inch tapered roof to allow water to run off. It works.. have had a couple of rainy days and water drains. Tom’s team was professional and did a great job. Tom was easy to communicate with, as well as Armondo, his crew leader. They went above and beyond what was supposed to be. Did a really great job of cleaning up after the job was completed.”

Thank you, Nicky! We are so pleased when a customer takes the time to leave us an exceptional review. When you are ready to choose AdvantageRoofing, contact us for a free estimate. We look forward to showing you why our rating is so high!