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Choosing a roofing company specializing in flat roofs for your commercial building is like picking a tailor for a custom suit – you want someone with the expertise to craft a perfect fit, not just anyone who can stitch a few seams together. When you need Orlando commercial roof maintenance, turn to Advantage Roofing.

Many people think all roofs are the same and can be taken care of similarly. But the truth is, roofs and their materials are quite different and need a team with special skills to ensure they work well. For example, if you have a metal roof, you need a roofing contractor who knows how to work with that kind of material. 

The same is true for flat roofs. So, when you’re looking for Orlando commercial roof maintenance, find a company with the right experience to take care of your roof correctly. We are that company, and here’s how we will help extend the life of your roof.


It can be easier to see issues on a residential roof than on a commercial roof because you can see much of the roof from the ground. You may be able to see bare spots or hail damage without having to climb a ladder. 

On the other hand, a flat roof is essentially hidden from view without a ladder (or a drone), so you don’t know what’s happening up there all the time. Scheduling regular inspections by a professional Orlando commercial roof maintenance company is the best way to keep your roof functioning properly. Addressing minor issues before they become major ones is best done by having us inspect your roof on a regular basis.

Clearing Debris

A flat roof isn’t actually flat; it typically has a slope of ¼ inch per foot, so it only appears flat. However, it is flat enough to collect debris that can cause issues if not cleaned regularly. A significant portion of flat roof maintenance is making sure that debris is not collecting and putting weight on your roof. If your roof is constantly being weighed down by vegetation, the structural integrity will become compromised, which can result in leaks.

Addressing Pooling Water

Your not-so-flat roof is sloped to allow water to drain from the roof to the gutters and onto the ground. Issues arise when gutters get clogged, or there is a depression in the roof that allows water to collect instead of draining properly. 

As you can imagine, pooling water on a roof will lead to issues like leaks or more substantial roof damage. If water keeps ponding on your roof, it could be time to upgrade your drainage system. Speak with one of our Orlando commercial roof maintenance technicians if you have concerns about water on your roof.

Flashing RepairOrlando commercial roof maintenance

Flashing is the flexible material that covers the seams on your roof where water can seep in. Any holes on your roof for skylights or HVAC units should have flashing around them to keep that area watertight. Regular inspections can help us keep an eye on your flashing to make sure it’s doing its job. If flashing repair is needed, our team of flat roof specialists can handle that for you.


Adding a roof coating can make your flat roof stronger and more waterproof. These coatings protect your roof from sunlight, severe weather, and regular wear. Waterproof coatings can even help your roof use less energy by reflecting sunlight and keeping heat out of your building. Before applying the coating, we will ensure your roof is clean and any needed repairs are done. 

Advantage Roofing is Orlando’s Flat Roof B2B BFF

When your business needs a roofing specialist to care for your flat roof, turn to our Orlando commercial roof maintenance team. We have been serving businesses in the area for over 30 years. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to keep your roof performing at its best for years. Contact us today to see how we can help you.