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As the holiday season begins, you may be wondering how to decorate your home with Christmas lights in a way that won’t cause damage to your roof. As an Orlando, Florida roofing company, we’re here with the answer.

We all love to drive past homes glowing with Christmas lights throughout the holiday season, but will all of the decorations damage your roof? Follow these tips from Advantage Roofing to leave your roof unharmed and your home as festive as ever.

An Orlando, Florida Roofing Company Shares How To Hang Holiday Lights Without Damaging Your Roof


Assess The Condition Of Your Roof

If you have missing or damaged shingles, soft, spongy areas on your roof, a sagging roof, or have seen other signs of damage, it’s best to address these problems before beginning any holiday projects. Our roofing contractors can provide a thorough roofing inspection and identify any issues that need to be resolved quickly.

Take Proper Safety Precautions

Hang your lights on a clear, sunny day when there are low winds. It’s best to hang lights in the afternoon, once any moisture from the morning has evaporated. If you are using a ladder, make sure to do so safely on even ground, following any instructions on the manufacturer’s label.

Take Care Not To Puncture Your Roof

It’s tempting to use nails or staples to secure lights to your roof, but your shingles will no longer be watertight. This can lead to serious roof leaks, water damage, and other problems that you don’t want to be stuck dealing with over the holidays. If you have noticed any leaks, contact an Orlando, Florida roofing company before the problem worsens.

Use Clips To Hang Your Lights

Since you won’t be using staples or nails to hang your Christmas lights, what can you use? Plastic clips, such as those that clip onto gutters, shingles, and eaves will allow you to decorate your homeOrlando Florida Roofing Company without causing damage to the roof. 

There are a variety of clips available to hang Christmas lights, so make sure to check the areas of your home where you plan to install lights and purchase the correct clips for the job.

Avoid Walking On Your Roof

Your roof isn’t meant to be walked on frequently, so you will want to avoid standing on it to install your lights. If you do need to walk across your roof, make sure that you are wearing rubber-soled shoes and walk on it as little as possible. You should also use extreme caution when walking on your roof. Move slowly, and stay as far from the edge as you can.

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays From Advantage Roofing!

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