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If the roof on your garage has seen better days, you’re probably looking for Orlando garage roof replacement. But how do you choose which roofing company to call? And how do you know you can’t replace it yourself?

An Orlando garage roof replacement isn’t an easy task, which is why most homeowners choose to hire contractors to do the job. If you’re considering doing your own roof replacement, take a few minutes to read this before searching for a how-to video. 

Can An Experienced Contractor Can Do The Job Faster?

They say that an Orlando garage roof replacement is like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it. Okay, maybe no one says that. But we have been replacing garage roofs for a long time and it’s basically like muscle memory to us now. This means that the project that could take you weeks to complete will take our contractors a fraction of that time. 

What Risks Come With DIY Roof Replacement?

While many home improvement projects are free of danger, roofing is not one of them. Falls are one of the most common personal injuries thatOrlando Garage Roof Replacement occur each year, and being up high on your roof increases your chances of experiencing a serious one. 

While an injury from a fall is bad enough, there are often additional repercussions. If you’re unable to work while recovering, you might have some lost wages, and medical bills can pile up too. Our experienced roofing technicians are licensed and insured. This means that they have completed rigorous training to receive and maintain their license, and they will abide by the strictest safety standards.

If you’re thinking of doing your own roof replacement, trust us…  it’s not worth the risk.

Will DIY Save You Much Money?

If you call around and get some quotes from roofing companies, and then compare it to the amount you would spend on materials and the hours you would spend on the project, you might be surprised to find that doing your own Orlando garage roof replacement won’t save you as much money as you thought. 

For a professional finish and added peace of mind, it’s better to go with a roofing contractor. We even offer financing options.

What Roofing Company Should I Choose?

We hope that the clear choice here is Advantage Roofing. If our industry knowledge and use of high-quality materials doesn’t have you convinced, take a few minutes to read through our testimonials page. This recent review from Dennis L. is one of many great examples:

“Advantage Roofing did an amazing job on my roof in a perfectly timely manner. The workers were very professional and cleaned up the workplace flawlessly afterwards. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for roofing work.”

You can also find more great reviews on Angi (formerly known as Angie’s List).

If you’re ready to schedule your Orlando garage roof replacement, give us a call, or fill out our online contact form, and let us take it from there!