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If you’re looking at metal for your next roof but are concerned about the noise, our Orlando metal roof installation team has some tips for keeping things quiet.

Over the past few years, metal roofs have become more popular because they come in many shades and styles. What better way to accentuate your home than with a pop of color? Homeowners are also looking for options other than the standard asphalt shingle for longevity reasons. Metal roofs can last almost a lifetime with proper maintenance, so it can be cost-effective to only have to buy one more roof. But aren’t metal roofs noisy? Let’s see!

Noisy Possibilities

Rushing water – Metal roofs are designed for speedy water drainage to avoid rust that comes with standing water. One source of potential noise comes from rain as it rushes down the roofing channels and into the gutters.

Loose panels – Rain hitting your metal roof can also cause noise. Metal roofs can be extra noisy if the sheets become loose and bang against each other. The good news is that both of these noise complaints can be avoided. 

Avoid The Noise

Insulation – Generally, homeowners use foam insulation to keep their homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Did you know that foam insulation can also reduce the noise level of a metal roof? Foam insulation acts as a noise barrier and absorbs the sound from rushing rain. We can also install it between the metal sheets to keep them from clanging together when it’s windy.

Gutters – Installing gutters on your metal roof will keep the rain traveling quietly to the ground. Without gutters, rainwater can drip loudly onto the ground and cause damage to windows, walls, andOrlando metal roof installation foundations. We recommend a guttering system on all of our Orlando metal roof installations. Gutters are more challenging to install on metal roofs than on asphalt, so hire a professional when you need gutter installation or maintenance.

Layers – One more way to keep the noise level down is to install a high-density rubber sheet over your entire roof surface, then cover it with a few layers of asphalt shingles before installing the metal roofing panels. The extra layers of material will absorb sound and make a cushion for your metal roof so that the metal sheets won’t bang together.

Are You Ready For Orlando Metal Roof Installation?

While noise can be a factor with a metal roof, our team at Advantage Roofing knows how to mitigate the elements that can contribute to a noisy roof. When you schedule a consultation with our roofing experts, we can discuss the pros and cons of a metal roof and help you decide if metal roofing is right for you.

Metal Is Durable

Florida’s rain and sun can cause asphalt shingle roofs to age faster than roofs in other parts of the country. Having to replace a roof every few years is an expense that can be avoided with a metal roof. When your metal roof installation is complete, you shouldn’t have to worry about a new roof for the rest of your life (with proper maintenance, of course)!

Metal Is Energy-Efficient

Metal roofing reflects the sun’s UV rays keeping your home cooler in the summer. Your electric bill will be lower when you don’t need to run the AC as much. Once you solve the noise issue, metal roofing is perfect for our sunny, rainy climate. 

Metal Is Environmentally-Friendly

Did you know that metal roofing is made of up to 90% recycled materials? And, at the end of its life, it’s 100% recyclable. Compared to the millions of tons of waste from asphalt shingles, metal roofing is a smart way to shrink your carbon footprint.

Advantage Roofing Is Your Metal Roof Expert

When you’re ready for your Orlando metal roof installation, we can discuss your color and style options and your noise-reduction plan. Contact us today to get started on your beautiful, new, quiet metal roof!