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Your roof is a sizable investment, so why not make it work to your advantage and increase your home’s value? Our Orlando metal roofers share tips on how metal is great for ROI.

We love it when home improvement shows give the before-renovation value, the amount spent on the renovation, and finally, the resulting value of the home. The right investment can pay off in the home’s value. 

Your roof is no exception, although we’re not sure it would make for very exciting TV. Choosing your roofing material is the first step toward increasing the value of your home. While we work with all roofing materials, our Orlando metal roofers are pretty busy these days. Here’s why.

Tip #1 – Longevity Equals Value

If you’ve lived in your home for any length of time, you know that as elements of your home age, break down, or go out of style, they should be replaced. 

Nothing lasts forever, which homeowners know all too well. Homeownership can be expensive because you must constantly replace, repair, or upgrade materials, appliances, fixtures, and more. When something in your home lasts for decades and needs minimal maintenance, the value is in the lack of replacement costs.

Metal roofs last for 70 years or more. When you put one on your home, you likely will never have to replace it (in your lifetime). If you’re selling your home, a metal roof shows buyers they won’t need to budget for a roof replacement anytime soon.

By comparison, asphalt shingle roofs are replaced every 12 – 20 years. Asphalt is less expensive than metal roofing up front, but over time, you’ll likely spend more on asphalt because it doesn’t last nearly as long as metal.

Tip #2 – Metal Helps You Save On Energy Costs

Our Orlando metal roofers have seen homeowners’ heating and cooling costs drop by as much as 25% after having a metal roof installed on their home. Metal roofs are so energy efficient because metal is a fantastic insulator. It keeps warm air inside during the winter and reflects heat away during the summer. The lighter the color of your metal roof, the more of the sun’s rays will be reflected, but even dark tones offer substantial energy savings over other roofing materials.

Whether you plan to stay in your home or you’re replacing the roof for resale purposes, a reduction in energy bills is a perk that any homeowner will enjoy. 

Tip #3 – Metal Roofs Are Extremely DurableOrlando metal roofers

One of the reasons that they last so long is that metal roofs can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. In Florida, this means heavy rain, strong winds, massive hail, and even lightning. While asphalt shingles can blow off your roof relatively easily and are susceptible to hail damage, metal can withstand winds up to 140 mph and are extremely impact resistant. 

The value of a durable roof comes from the cost savings of repairing or replacing it and its ability to protect everything inside your home from storm damage. Our Orlando metal roofers can help you protect your investment.

Tip #4 – Metal Roofs Boost Curb Appeal

First impressions are huge in resale value, and with a metal roof, you are all but guaranteed an increase to your home’s curb appeal. Metal roofs come in various colors and styles that let homeowners express their tastes

If you prefer the traditional look of asphalt shingles but want the durability of metal, we have a roof for that. If you want a dramatic, shiny blue roof to give your home a pop of color, we can also do that for you. 

Advantage Roofing Knows Roofs

We’ve been roofing Central Florida since 1989, so we know how to help you increase your home’s value with an expertly-installed roof. Contact us today for more tips on how to make your roof work for you!