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You need Orlando roofers you can trust whether you need a new roof after a storm or a minor repair.  

From residential to commercial property, allow Advantage Roofing to be your go-to Orlando roofers for all your roofing needs. We offer roofing services for new and existing homes and commercial properties and re-roofing services for your business or home. 

We Are Re-Roofing Experts

Are you thinking of re-roofing your home because of damage? Whether that damage resulted from a hurricane, a heavy storm, or just the usual wear and tear that happens over time, we’re here to help you re-roof your home. A traditional asphalt shingle roof only lasts a residential home for about 20 years. If it’s time to retire your roof, then it’s time to call the Orlando roofers you can trust to come by and check to determine your home’s needs. 

We Can Handle Any Roofing Material

When it’s time for a new roof, we are experienced in all types of roofing materials. Not sure which is right for your home? That’s okay! We can guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of each roofing material and help you come to a decision. We offer the following roofing options.

We Provide Excellent Customer ServiceOrlando roofers

For over 30 years, Advantage Roofing has proudly served the Central Florida area by repairing, re-roofing, installing, and restoring roofs for residential and commercial properties. 

Choose the roofing expert that Orlando trusts. Advantage Roofing will always examine your roof to determine its needs. We won’t replace a whole roof if it only needs repairing to ensure you save money in the process. Our professionals always have our customer’s needs in mind. In this review, Carol S. shares the excellent service she received:

Hey Folks, you’ll want to read this if you’re even thinking about calling a Roofing company. I wasn’t filing a claim on my roof, and that’s due to age and normal wear and tear. I called around for a couple of estimates for roof replacement. That meant I would have to search for a company that could do what I needed within my budget. I wanted to invest in my home, which meant I was doing everything to ensure it was the best service.

Tom showed up at my home with a beautiful, orange, professional company folder that included the Asphalt Shingle magazine of the product line and detailed information on what to expect. This personalized folder contained their name, business card, etc. I was floored. I had another estimate with no such thing and provided a high-priced quote. I knew then Tom was honest; this was his true life’s passion. To Protect and Serve all Mankind. LOVE IT!!!

This completed job was the best enhancement to the property and tender loving care from his workers. I am truly indebted to this level of World Class Service and the professionalism that every business should provide as this successful business does. I will send everyone I know to Tom for any Roof Repair or Replacement. A huge thanks from my heart for this world, and in these times, needs to be filled with people like you, Tom!!!”

Our Advantage Roofing Specialists Are Your Orlando Roofers

As your Orlando roofers, we prioritize ensuring we’re maintaining transparency about the process; then, we handle all your roofing needs. Have you been searching for Orlando roofers? Contact us today! Let Advantage Roofing be that roofing company.