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Are you on the market for a re-roof for your home? We’re explaining how our re-roof service is exactly what you need if you’re looking for an Oviedo roof replacement.

Your home is a huge investment that requires upkeep and calculated decisions in order to maximize your profit. We often have customers that think they need a minor roof repair when they could really use a roof replacement. This is why we aim to serve as educators. You need to be able to identify the difference between the two and make the best decision for the longevity of your home.  Here’s what an Oviedo roof replacement entails and why you might need one. 

What Is A Roof Replacement?

A roof replacement, or re-roof, is the process of replacing your existing roof with a new one. It involves tearing off all materials down to the deck to get a clean slate. From there, new felt paper and materials will be added to reconstruct your new roof. You don’t have to stick with the same roofing material that you had before either, there are a variety of high-quality roof materials that are available to you as an upgrade to your roof.

Why Would You Need One?

Oviedo Roof ReplacementIf your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan or  has surface damage that a repair can’t fix, an Oviedo roof replacement could be your next move. Florida weather has a tendency to get aggressive and throw debris around, causing shingles to blow off and leave patches. If these things happen and a repair is overlooked, it could cause your roof’s problems to grow over time. This would result in the need for a replacement. 

Re-roofs are also what you’d come to us for if you’re adding an additional room to your home and need a roof to match, or if you simply want to update your roof’s appearance. We’re happy to do whatever it takes to ensure your new roof gives you peace of mind. 

If you’re searching for an Oviedo roof replacement, you’ve come to the right place. Our roofing specialists are licensed and insured, and trained to offer a solution that has our customers’ best interest at heart. Contact us today to get started!