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Need a new roof? We can help! Before you replace a roof in Lake Nona, ask your potential roofing contractors a few questions.

You may need a new roof for a variety of reasons, and because it’s such a significant investment, you should be sure about who you hire to do the work. You want the job done right, efficiently, and with care. But before you decide who will replace a roof in Lake Nona, ask each company the following questions.

Advantage Roofing has been servicing homeowners in Central Florida for over 30 years, and we have gained a reputation as a company that treats our customers like family. We are open to any questions before signing on the dotted line. 

Can My Roof Be Repaired?

Asphalt roofs require periodic maintenance to achieve their longest life. Metal and ceramic tile roofs last longer than asphalt, but they, too, must have some repairs for maximum longevity. Before replacing your roof, ask your contractor if a repair will do the job. 

Typically, a roofer will answer this question with a mathematical equation – if a certain percentage of your roof needs repair, replacing the entire roof is more cost-efficient. Similar to “totaling a car,” when the cost to repair it is higher than the cost to replace it, it’s better to replace. 

When you ask us this question, you can trust that we will be 100% honest with you. We’ll never tell you that you should get a new roof if a repair is all that’s necessary. If your roof can keep protecting your home with just some minor (or even major) repairs, we’ll recommend repairs over replacement.

How Long Will It Take To Replace My Roof?

The time it takes to replace a roof in Lake Nona depends on several factors, the most common being the weather. If there is no rain, a 3,000-square-foot roof can be replaced in a day or two, but if we have to take a break for the weather, the timeline can extend a few days. Generally speaking, we can remove and replace an asphalt shingle roof in one to three days. Other roofing materials can take longer because the process is more complex.

Did you know that when we replace your roof, you’ll never know we were there (other than the gorgeous new roof on your home)? We take pride in our meticulous clean-up process that removes all debris, nails, and other metal pieces that may end up in your yard or on your driveway. We will care for your property as if it were our own. 

How Much Will A New Roof Cost?

The cost to replace a roof in Lake Nona also depends on a few factors, including the size of your home, the roofing material used, and the city you live in. In the Orlando area of Lake Nona, you can expect to pay between $7,000 – $14,000 based on the average home size in the area. 

You can enter your home’s information in online pricing calculators for more accurate estimates. Alternatively, call our roofing team at Advantage Roofing, and we can provide you with a free estimate.

Can I See Your Customer Reviews?replace a roof in Lake Nona

If the roofing company you’re talking to has no customer reviews to share with you, walk away! Hearing what past customers say about the company’s work is the best way to know you’re getting the highest quality service. You can find our customer reviews on our website, on Google, or ask around. Our customers refer their friends and family to us all the time!

All Floors Of Orlando mentions in their review how our clean-up process works and why it’s so valuable to the overall experience.

“We like the way they clean up all the fallen loose nails by laying a huge plastic tarp all around my home and using big magnets after they remove the tarp to catch any loose metal pieces. Great company; this is the second time we have used this company to re-roof our other home.”

Advantage Roofing Is Ready To Work For You

If you’re unclear about whether your home needs a complete re-roof, we can help. If we determine that your roof is beyond repair, we are happy to provide you with a free estimate and work with your budget to provide you with the highest quality new roof in your neighborhood. Contact us today to get started!