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Even the most well-crafted roof can sustain some damage if the weather is severe enough. In this blog, we’ll share some of the ways that you can identify storm damage – and who you can call when you need a roof replacement in Bithlo.

The team at Advantage Roofing has been serving the Central Florida community for over 30 years, and we’ve seen our fair share of severe storms. Whether you’re experiencing leaks caused by heavy rains on an older roof, or high winds that blow limbs and cause irreparable damage, it’s important to hire licensed roofing professionals to handle your roof replacement in Bithlo. 

What Are The Top 3 Signs Your Roof Has Storm Damage?

Cracked, Broken, Or Missing Shingles

High winds can sometimes make shingles pull out the nails that hold them down, causing the shingles to fall off and leave bare spots on your roof. If you are unable to see your entire roof from the ground, you can search your yard for loose shingles to determine if any have fallen off.

Storms can also cause shingles to break, crease, and crack, so look for signs of this type of damage as well. If you see creased shingles, this could indicate that the shingles are no longer properly sealed to your roof and are flapping in the wind. Both broken and missing shingles can reduce the level of protection that your roof usually provides, and should be quickly addressed by a licensed roofer who can provide a repair or roof replacement in Bithlo. 

Water Spots And StainsRoof Replacement In Bithlo

One of the most noticeable signs of a leaking roof is water stains on your ceiling. You may first see wet spots on interior walls or ceilings that will eventually discolor and become darker. If you don’t see these wet spots or stains right away, you may also notice a musty or moldy smell, or flaking and cracking drywall. 

Dented Shingles

Large hailstones can cause serious damage to your roof, especially if they are propelled by high wind speeds. When the hail hits your shingles, it will leave distinctive impact marks that may include:

If you are looking for signs of hail damage, you can also check your gutters for shingle granules, which look like small sand-like rocks. After the hailstones have knocked these granules loose they will collect in your gutters. You will want to remove them from the gutter to avoid any clogs and then contact an experienced roofer to inspect your roof. 

Do You Need A Roof Replacement In Bithlo? 

Safety is always our highest priority. Make sure that you wait for any storms or severe weather to pass before exiting your home to look for signs of storm damage. When you’re checking the condition of your roof, it’s best to stay on the ground or examine your roof from the second-story windows of your home. 

Not sure if you need a roof repair or replacement? When in doubt, just let the licensed roofers at Advantage Roofing take care of all of your roofing needs! Contact us today for a free estimate.