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There are many types of roofing we offer, but we find metal roofing Winter Park to be one of the best! Learn the three reasons why below.

When building a home or replacing a roof, determining which roof type you want to use can be a wary decision. Do you want asphalt, tile, flat or metal? Which is the better quality? What is cheaper? Which will last longer? These questions are all very normal, and very necessary when choosing roofing Winter Park. You’ll want to make a decision that best fits your lifestyle and budget. Luckily, Advantage Roofing offers the diverse options above to meet our clients’ various needs.

Our specialists at Advantage Roofing have seen a cultural shift towards metal roofing due to conservation purposes. We expect to see the trend rise even higher in 2019. If you’re looking for a safe, affordable roofing option, we recommend metal. Here are three reasons why:


Low Cost In Maintenance

Metal roofing is made from durable materials that require little upkeep. There aren’t tiles that fly off or a sensitive texture that wears down. Once your metal roofing Winter Park is installed, you likely won’t have much maintenance to worry about.


Roofing winter parkEnergy-Efficient

One of the biggest selling points for metal roofing is the conservation of energy. The local community is always looking for new ways to save the planet and we’re all for it. Because of the minimum upkeep, you’re not only saving money on your metal roofing Winter Park, but you’re naturally conserving energy. It’s a win-win.



Metal roofing is especially durable when it comes to harsh weather. This roofing type can provide increased protection against storms and even fire. There are 4 types of metal roofing Winter Park that you can choose from: Aluminum, Steel, Zinc, and Copper.  All are durable, all are safe.

If you’re seeking a new or replacement roof, metal roofing offers competitive warranties and provides you with a cost-effective solution. Contact Advantage Roofing today to get a quote on your roofing needs.