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It’s important to have your roof repair or roof replacement needs addressed as soon as possible. If you have noticed any of these signs of roof damage in Lake Mary, our roofing contractors are standing by to help.

Your roof will tell you when it’s time for a replacement. Some of the signs of roof damage in Lake Mary are obvious, and others will take the experience and knowledge of a roofing professional to identify. We can use the 25% rule to determine if it’s time for a new roof.

Stained Ceilings 

Stains on your ceilings and walls are caused by roof leaks. Identifying where these leaks start can be tricky because water can travel a long way inside the roof before it shows up on your ceiling.

Leaks may also appear as water spots or mold and mildew on the rafters of your attic or on the siding outside of your home. Not only can roof leaks create a dangerous mold that is harmful to your health, but they can also cause irreparable damage to the structure of your house. It’s important to have roof leaks addressed immediately, and the best way to identify these leaks is by having a licensed roofer conduct a leak inspection.

Missing, Damaged, Or Dark-Colored Shingles

Dark and discolored shingles may be an indication of trapped moisture and high humidity. These dark, discolored areas are caused by algae that can grow on shingles. As your shingles age, they become less resistant to these algae growths.

Shingles can loosen and fall off your roof as time goes on. They can also blow away or get knocked off of your roof by high winds and other severe weather. Missing shingles not only look unsightly,Signs of roof damage in Lake Mary but they can also lead to roof leaks.

Damaged shingles, such as curling or cracked shingles, are common when your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan. Scheduling a roof inspection with a reputable roofing company can tell you if this is the case.

Shingle Granules Below Your Downspouts

Shingle granules are small rock-like objects that coat your shingles and protect them from ultraviolet rays and other damage. As your roof ages, the granules will begin to loosen and fall off. They can also be knocked off by hailstorms. If you are starting to see these granules collecting on the ground under your downspouts, it means that they are no longer protecting your shingles.

Is It Time For A Roof Replacement? Advantage Roofing Can Help

If you’ve seen these signs of roof damage in Lake Mary, it’s time to schedule an evaluation of your roof by one of the roof inspectors at Advantage Roofing. We’ve served the Central Florida area for over 30 years. And we would be happy to bring our expertise to your property. Contact us today for your free estimate!