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You might not be worried about that small leak in your roof, but you should be. Little leaks have a nasty habit of turning into bigger ones, and before you know it, you need a whole new roof. To help diagnose your problem, here are five common Orlando roof leak causes.

It’s OK to ignore that Tupperware container that’s been sitting in the back of your refrigerator for weeks and that now has something suspicious growing inside. However, it is not OK to ignore a leaking roof. You might know your roof is leaking. You just might not know why. To find out, check out these common Orlando roof leak causes.

Cause #1: Age

One of the most common Orlando roof leak causes is age. As you may already know, not everything ages like a fine wine – your roof included. As your roof ages, its materials start to deteriorate. This can affect its ability to keep water out whenever it rains. Over time, things like weather conditions and temperature fluctuations can impact the quality of the materials used on your roof. If your roof is past its prime, it may be time to consider replacing it.

Cause #2: Cracked Flashing

Roofers install flashing (thin metal sheets) underneath shingles as an added layer of protection. To keep water from getting inside, roofers will seal the flashing together with tar. However, as years pass by, the tar can become brittle and break down, leaving the flashing exposed. If the flashing is exposed, nothing is protecting it from inclement weather, such as hail, tropical storms, and hurricanes.Orlando roof leak causes

Cause #3: Missing Or Broken Shingles

Shingles are an incredibly popular roofing material for many homeowners due to how cost-effective they are. While they may not be as durable and long-lasting as other roofing materials, shingles provide adequate protection at only a fraction of the cost of others. However, shingles can be compromised if exposed to rough weather, such as heavy rainfall, hail, high winds, etc., making them part of common Orlando roof leak causes.

Cause #4: Roof Vents

Unlike traditional vents you’re used to seeing inside your home, roof vents look more like pipes or tubes that stick out of your roof. Homeowners use these types of vents to wick away excess moisture from inside their homes. Since these vents come up through the roof, they must be sealed properly to avoid leaks. Check around the vents to ensure there are no gaps or cracks where water can get in. Also, be sure to check the vents. Over the years, plastic vents can crack or break after being exposed to the weather.

Cause #5: Gutters

Gutters are installed to channel water away from your roof, but sometimes they get blocked by leaves and debris. When this happens, water can’t drain properly and may leak through cracks, causing roof issues. Regular gutter cleaning is essential to prevent this common Orlando roof leak causes.

If not taken care of right away, roof leaks can cause significant and expensive property damage. Finding the reason a roof is leaking isn’t always easy. That’s where the experts at Advantage Roofing come in.

Advantage Roofing Can Fix Your Leaky Roof

If you know your roof is leaking and you want to know why, contact us today. If it’s not one of the common Orlando roof leak causes mentioned above, we’ll make it our mission to find out what it is.