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Need a roof refresh this year? We’ve got you covered (literally). Here are the top trends our Winter Park roofers are seeing for the new year.

Styles change every year (sometimes several times throughout the year) and if you like to stay on top of trends, this article is for you. While there are many architectural styles to look for in 2023, these are the top three that our Winter Park roofers are seeing thus far this year.

Rooftop Landscaping

Adding landscaping to your roof has three main benefits – it maximizes your square footage, gives you additional living space, and adds beauty to your home. Rooftop gardening started trending in 2022 and we don’t see it slowing down this year. 

Keep in mind, we’re talking about flat roofs in this section. Flat roofs are popular on multi-level homes and for additions like a garage. At Advantage Roofing, we work with flat roofs all the time and we are happy to help you add a flat roof space to your home. 

Here are some ideas for adding landscaping to your roof.

Enjoy the view – Adding a glass wall makes your space appear larger and it lets you take full advantage of your view. Cheers to sunsets!

Add privacy – If you don’t have a spectacular view and want to create a private sanctuary, add fencing with growing climbing plants.

Grow some veggies – A rooftop space is a perfect place for a garden if you live in an area with smaller lots. 

Entertain in style – Add furniture, lighting, a pergola, or even an outdoor kitchen to fully utilize your new living space. 

Skylight RoofingWinter Park roofers

Skylights have come a long way from their origins in ancient Rome. In the 1700s, French craftsmen were able to add glass to skylights which made them more practical. A hole in the roof is not great when it rains. Skylights today are available in a variety of materials and have become more affordable. The newest material, polycarbonate sheeting, comes in many different finishes and colors. It can also be molded and cut to fit any designer’s specifications.

Skylights are a great way to add light to a dark or small room. They also add a dramatic light element to high ceilings. Our Winter Park roofers have extensive experience with skylights and we can guide you in the best way to use them. Our valued customer, Cherrah J., had this to say about our work on her roof with skylights: 

“We were skeptical about roofing companies because we had had some bad experiences but I couldn’t say enough good things about Tom and Advantage Roofing. We had a roof with lots of angles and a few skylights and they did an excellent job! They did not overcomplicate the process and we were able to make quick decisions and let them handle everything. It was also a great value compared to the other quotes we received.”

Winter Park roofersDramatic Colors

Speaking of drama, if you want to give your home impressive curb appeal, consider bold colors, both inside and out. Since we’re Winter Park roofers, we love to show homeowner’s all the color possibilities with their roofing options. Tile shingles and metal sheets come in a variety of hues, and now even asphalt shingles have gotten into the bold color game, giving homeowners the ability to have their roofs match their style. 

Consider a contrasting color scheme such as a black roof on a white house, or a blue roof on a yellow home. Green roofing looks great on log-cabin-type homes and metallic shades set farmhouses apart from the neighboring homes. We’re seeing that fewer homeowners want to simply blend in with their neighbors these days.

Advantage Roofing Is On-Trend in 2023

If you need a roof refresh this year, our Winter Park roofers can guide you to select the best option to match your style while staying on-trend. Contact us today to discuss your options.