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There are occasions when you need to have a Winter Springs residential roofing company on speed dial. Here’s a list of the most common signs you need to grab your phone and call us.

What service professionals are in your contacts list? Plumber? Hairdresser? HVAC technician? It’s obvious when you need a plumber, a haircut, or your AC repaired. Roof repair isn’t as obvious, so we’ve compiled a list of signs that it’s time to add Advantage Roofing’s digits to your favorites.


A leak is a surefire way to know that you need to call a Winter Springs residential roofing company. Leaks can manifest in obvious drips or watermarks along your ceiling or down your walls. If you venture into the attic and notice it feels damp or you see water, chances are your roof needs to be repaired. 

Advantage Roofing can perform a leak inspection to see precisely where the leak is coming from and how to best remedy the situation. 

Storm Damage

There are several signs that your roof has sustained storm damage. The more obvious signs are missing shingles on the ground and limbs on your roof. Less obvious signs include piles of granules at the bottom of your downspouts and hail damage. The granules look like pepper and serve as a protective layer on your asphalt shingles. Wind and rain can strip your shingles of their granules, exposing your roof to the elements.

Just because you don’t see a limb on your roof does not mean that one didn’t hit it and fall to the ground. If limbs and debris are on the ground, they may have struck your roof and caused dents and cracks that can only be seen by climbing a ladder and taking a closer look. 

The same is true for hail damage. Hail comes and goes but can leave a mark – on your shingles. The best way to know if your roof made it through the storm unscathed is to call a Winter Springs residential roofing company for an inspection. Storms can happen all year long so keep repairs in mind even when it’s not technically storm season.

Regular Inspections

Speaking of inspections, it’s a good idea to have a professional roofing company look at your roof regularly to ensure no repairs are needed. If you’re not sure the last time your roof was professionally inspected, we can help. 

We can perform a roof inspection and then set you up on a regular schedule so that you don’t need to worry about making that call every year (or however often we recommend an inspection).

You Need A New Roofwinter springs residential roofing company

If your roof is older, has more damage than it’s worth to repair, or you’re just ready for a freshen-up, we can help! Our skilled team of roofing professionals can advise you on the best roofing materials, colors, and styles that will match your design preferences and the needs of your home.

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material because they are durable and cost-effective. They come in various colors and styles and are a good choice for homeowners considering selling their homes in the next few years. 

Tile and metal roofing have been around for centuries and are making a trendy comeback because they are so durable. Metal roofs come in many colors and styles. You can even choose a metal roof that looks like asphalt to have the durability of metal with the more traditional look of asphalt shingles.

Advantage Roofing Is The Winter Springs Residential Roofing Company You Need

These are the most common reasons you may want to call a professional roofing company, but there are many other instances in which you may need our services. Contact the team at Advantage Roofing today! We are happy to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and how we can help you.