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If there’s anything that we can think of that you don’t want to DIY, roofing would be at the top of the list. If your roof needs some work, a Bithlo roofer like Advantage Roofing is here to help.


Roof replacement and repairs are time-consuming and labor-intensive. There may be a few things you can do yourself, but most major projects require the work of licensed roofing contractors like Advantage Roofing. We’re going to tell you the four ways we can make your life easier as an experienced Bithlo roofer, and we’re sure that the next thing you’ll do is contact us to schedule service.


One: We Have The Materials You Want

Searching for a Bithlo roofer who works with the highest quality roofing materials on the market is a thing of the past, since we have all of the materials you want. Advantage Roofing offers services using the following materials:


We work with our clients to help them choose the best roofing materials for their project, finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and durability, all while working within your budget.


Two: We Can Replace Your Roof

Not only can we replace your roof as a Bithlo Roofer, we can do it quickly and efficiently to reduce potential interruptions to your daily life. Weather damage and age are the most common reasons for a re-roof, but many of our clients also call us to install roofs on new additions to their homes, garage roofs, and more.


Three: We Offer Financing

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a roof installed on a newly constructed building or having an existing roof replaced, the costs can add up. Advantage Roofing offers fast and simple roofing loans with no home equity required and fixed monthly payments. 


Worried that checking rates will hurt your credit score? We can help you compare rates with no effect to your credit score, and we provide loan options up to $100,000 with no payment penalties. 


Four: You Only Need To Read Our Reviews To Know You Made The Right Choice

If you’re the kind of person that needs to make sure they’re getting the best of the best (and we don’t blame you), we have the client reviews to back up our work and reputation. With over 300 verified reviews on Angie’s List, the choice to hire us as your Bithlo roofer is a no-brainer. As an example, check out this review from David R.


“I called Advantage Roofing after attempting a previous roof replacement with another vendor that completely messed up the permit process, Advantage Roofing completely took care of my needs. Quickly performed the permitting process and work started before I figured it would, in under two days I had the old roof replaced and new roof installed. They cleaned everything, like they were never here.”

Don’t wait any longer to get your next roofing project started. Advantage Roofing is the Bithlo Roofer you need. Fill out our online contact form today! We are looking forward to working with you.