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3 Top Springtime Roofing Tips For Your Home

Although the bulk of hurricane season is behind us, it’s still important to make sure your home or business’s roof is in great shape for the new season. Below are some roofing tips based on the springtime problems we often encounter.  While many of us are thankful for the change of seasons. Here, in Florida, By: Advantage Roofing Read More

3 Roof Replacement Questions Asked & Answered By An Expert

Learning what kind of services match your roofing needs can be a hard place to start. We’re here to help navigate that process by answering key questions about roof replacement services.  How Do I Know If I Need a Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?  Given that we serve both needs, this is a good place By: Advantage Roofing Read More

Moving To The Sunshine State? Here’s What You Should Know About Roofing In Orlando

Roofing in Orlando may not be subject to snowstorms, but it is subject to sunshine and hurricane-strength winds! Here’s what you should know. Orlando may not be on the coast, but it still gets substantial winds, rainfall and rays of sun which can affect your roofing. With Florida experiencing its own set of weather conditions By: Advantage Roofing Read More

5 Services We Offer As A Commercial Roofer

There are many reasons you could be looking for a commercial roofer. We’re sharing five of our services below that may help you in your search.   Roof Inspections  Roof inspections are essential for determining the current state of your commercial roof. Is it in good shape? Are there any repairs that need to be By: Advantage Roofing Read More

3 Common Myths About Orlando Roofing Services

We often hear myths about our Orlando roofing services and what they entail. We’re debunking a couple of them below. I Only Need To Call For An Inspection If I Notice A Problem  Think of your roof like you think about dentist appointments. If you only went when you had a toothache, then you likely By: Advantage Roofing Read More

Thank You Handyman Reviewed

We’re so excited to be featured by Handyman Reviewed as one of the eight best roofing companies in Orlando! This article does a deep-dive into some of the most respected roofing companies Central Florida has to offer and we’re honored to have made the list. For each company listed, you can find the following information:  By: Advantage Roofing Read More