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To repair or to replace? That is the question when it comes to hail roof damage Hunters Creek. Here’s how to tell which one you may need.

Determining whether you should repair or replace your roof after a heavy hail storm is a common question many homeowners ask. 

Our repair specialists at Advantage Roofing are trained to see damages that most untrained eyes often overlook. This gives us an advantage when deciding whether or not you should replace or repair your hail roof damage in Hunters Creek. 

Hail roof damage Signs You Should Repair: Hail Roof Damage Hunters Creek

Sometimes, you don’t have to replace your entire roof, you can just repair it–the trick is identifying the signs to know when, such as shingles on the ground.

Maybe this has happened to you, or you have at least walked around someone’s home and noticed shingles on the ground. 

This often gets overlooked as a warning sign and you simply pick them up and keep going about your day. 

However, this could be a subtle warning sign that there’s structural damage to your roof and that heavy hail storms or hurricane force winds have caused your roof to age quicker. 

Another sign you may be in need of a roof repair is if you’ve found a leak; even the smallest leak could lead to ceiling damage, mold growth, rotted framing or destroy installation. If you have seen either of these two signs or just want to be on the safe side, you can schedule an inspection with us today.

Signs You Should Replace: Hail Roof Damage Hunters Creek

On the other hand, you may need to replace it. A good rule of thumb to know whether your entire roof will need to be replaced or simply repaired is by the extent of damage. In Florida, if the damage exceeds more than 25% of the roof, you’re likely looking at a roof replacement rather than a repair.

One replacement sign you may notice is if your roof is sagging, or sitting a little lower than it usually does, then replacing your roof may be your best solution. Another way to tell if your roof may need to be replaced is dependent on its age, the material and its quality. The average roof needs to be replaced anywhere from 10-20 years from installation. 

If you’re looking for an expert opinion to determine whether you need to replace or repair your hail roof damage Hunters Creek, you can give us a call for a free estimate or to schedule an inspection.