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The Services To Expect From A Lake Mary Roofer

Lake Mary Roofer

It doesn’t matter if you need roof repairs, a re-roof, inspections, or more – as a Lake Mary roofer, Advantage Roofing has the solutions you need.

As a full-service roofing company, we offer a wide range of commercial and residential roofing solutions. Our contractors are licensed and insured and work quickly and efficiently to get the job done. Here’s what you can expect from a Lake Mary roofer.

Residential Roofing Services

Roof Repairs

Hailstorms, high winds, and general wear and tear create the need for roof repairs and maintenance. Providing proper care for your roofLake Mary roofer extends its lifespan and keeps it looking great for years. Advantage Roofing works with the following high-quality roofing materials:

  • Asphalt
  • Tile
  • Metal

Roof Replacement

Whether you’re updating your roof, building an addition to your home, or have a roof that is damaged beyond repair, you’ll need a re-roof from a Lake Mary roofer.

Severe weather can sometimes result in significant damage that necessitates a roof replacement. When you require assistance with your roof replacement, you can count on us. With decades of experience, we have established strong relationships with insurance adjusters, enabling us to advocate for your best interests and achieve the optimal outcome for you, our valued client.

Roof And Leak Inspections

If you’ve spotted indications of water damage in your home and are eager to pinpoint its source, it’s advisable to arrange an inspection with one of our roofing experts. Rest assured, we will only suggest necessary repairs or services, ensuring you won’t be burdened with hefty repair costs. Our priority is to collaborate with you to identify the most suitable solution for your issue.

Solar Attic Fans

During the summer months, the ideal temperature in your attic is around 130 degrees Fahrenheit, but many attics can reach temperatures over 150 degrees. Temperatures this high can cause damage and premature aging in your roof. A solar attic fan is an environmentally friendly solution that will keep your home and attic space cool year-round.

Commercial Roofing Services

Roof Repairs And Replacement

When it comes to your commercial building, you need to keep your roof looking and working its best. As a Lake Mary roofer, we have worked on countless commercial roofing projects and can bring our experience and expertise to your property. 

If you’re not sure if you need work done on your commercial roof, we can provide you with an assessment, an estimate of the remaining life of your roof, and a free estimate for roof repairs or replacement.

New Construction

We work with homeowners, developers, and home builders to provide new construction services to the Central Florida area. Whether you need asphalt shingles, metal roofing, tile roofing, or a flat roof system, Advantage Roofing is your Lake Mary roofer of choice.

Commercial Systems

From small office buildings to expansive manufacturing facilities, no project is too big or small for our contractors. We will work with you to find the products and designs that are right for your company.

Advantage Roofing Can Do It All

With all of the services we provide as a Lake Mary roofer, it’s clear that Advantage Roofing is the contractor for you. Contact us today for your free estimate!