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Are you in need of an Orlando roofing expert? Does your commercial or residential property need Orlando roofing? Here at Advantage Roofing, we can help with that.

Advantage Roofing has the years of experience you need in order to help you receive the best service. We will examine and determine your needs based on your Orlando roofing needs and its current condition.

Do You Need Orlando Roof Repairs?

Orlando RoofingWe will examine the roof based on our detailed tests and determine if you need repair or a whole roof replacement.

In Florida, the law is, if more than 25 percent of your roof is damaged, it must be reroofed.

We will make sure that we do a thorough inspection to make sure you don’t lose needless money. We understand life happens and saving money is always a priority.

When it comes to your roofing, we offer a wide variety of options, from asphalt roofing  for those on a budget to tile roofing for those who want a stylistic edge; from flat roofing  for structural integrity to metal roofing  for durability.

Each roof type has its own individual benefits.

Advantage Roofing Your Orlando Roofing Experts

Orlando RoofingSince 1989, Advantage Roofing has been the leading expert in residential and commercial roof repair for the Orlando area. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, we will help you with all your roofing needs.

For nearly three decades we have been the Orlando roofing experts that Orlando and Florida have trusted. We are dependable, reliable and fast workers, who can help you get prepared for the coming hurricane, or fix up your home after the hurricane has passed.

Need help with your Orlando roof? Then look no further than Advantage Roofing, your Orlando roofing experts, ready to help you find the roof you need to keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer and dry in the Florida rain. So give us a call today.