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For Oviedo home and business owners, “Home, sweet home” and “Business as usual” are always the goal… so it’s common to feel stressed, scared, or intimidated when roof damage compromises the integrity of a home or workplace. Here are some tips for filing your insurance claims to cover Oviedo roof damage.

Both homeowners and businesspersons can have their livelihoods severely disrupted by roof damage, from accidents and natural destructive causes such as fire, wind, hail, or heavy snow. Oviedo roof damage is often caused by storms, with seven reports of on-the-ground hail with 22 severe weather warnings during the past 12 months. 

The monetary impact of roof damage can be substantial: replacement of asphalt shingles on an average home costs $22,450 and $36,950 for metal roofing, according to a 2020 report from Remodeling magazine.

Insurance is the answer, right? Well, yes, most home and business policies include coverage for Oviedo roof damage, but the specific cause, type, and extent of the damage can impact what the insurer will pay. Even after minor roof damage, it is important to consult a reputable, licensed professional roofer who can guide you through the steps to file a claim and get you the best outcome.

Here is a basic overview of the steps we recommend you follow to ensure the best protection and recovery for your roof. 

Act Quickly

Review your insurance policy to refresh your understanding of your Oviedo roof damage coverage and then engage a roofing contractor to help. Minor roof damage should be repaired promptly to preserve insurance coverage for a future, more significant event.

Oviedo Roof DamageAnalyze Your Options

Research reputable roofing companies in the Central Florida area to perform your roofing inspection – ideally a company with insurance claims experience. Failing to select your own representative could mean that third-party inspectors appointed by the insurance agency may try to find reasons to deny your claim. Instead, look for companies that provide roof replacement and installation services for common roof damage.

Assess Oviedo Roof Damage and Repair or Replace 

Even seemingly minor Oviedo roof damage can compromise the overall lifespan of the roof or warrant full roof replacement if matching roof materials are no longer available. Be sure the interior is also inspected so you know the full scope of damage before initiating a claim.

Ask For Clarity

Request photos of the roof damage and keep written notes from all correspondence with the roofing contractor and your insurance adjuster. Insist that the adjuster completely address your policy questions and clarify your deductible requirement. Understand the roofing contractor’s project and payment timeline to ensure that it is in alignment with your insurance company.

Authorize the Repair

This should be the easy part! If you hire the right people, that is. The repair should be completed to your satisfaction, and then your work is done. You can rest easy knowing that your roof damage has been taken care of by the best in the business

Don’t let Oviedo roof damage impact the security, comfort, or productive operation of your home or business. When that next storm hits, contact Advantage Roofing right away, and get your property restored. Call your Oviedo roof repair experts or visit us online for a free roofing consultation or to set up your next inspection.