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How do you know where to start when searching for a Winter Springs roofing company? This handy guide gives some pointers on what to look for.

Before buying anything these days, it’s a good idea to do some research. Thankfully, the internet makes it simple to compare goods and services. If you need a new refrigerator, you don’t buy the first one you see in the store, right? You may ask your friends what they like (or don’t like) about their refrigerators, look at online customer reviews, then make a thoughtful decision. 

And when you need roofing work done, you don’t just open the phone book, close your eyes, and point. (Does anyone still use a phone book?) When you’re doing your due diligence for a Winter Springs roofing company, follow this guide to find just the right one for your job.

Find A Roofer With Experience

All roofing companies are not the same. They may have more experience in one area than another. It’s important that the roofing company you hire is skilled in the particular job that you need. Advantage Roofing has been servicing roofs of all types in central Florida for over 30 years, and we are experienced in all aspects of roofing. If your job requires knowledge about any of the following, we are the Winter Springs roofing company for you.

Residential and Commercial Roof Repair and Replacement

If you need a repair to your home’s roof after a storm, or your business needs a new roof, our team at Advantage Roofing can inspect your roof and give you a free estimate on how much a repair will cost. If your roof needs to be replaced, we can help with that decision. Rest assured that we will never recommend a full replacement if a repair will resolve the issue. Our reputation is built on trustworthiness and we take it very seriously. 

We can also help you with a new roof for new home construction or a build-out. Our Winter Springs roofing company is skilled in many types of roofing materials and we can help to match your current roof for the addition. 

Leak Detection

If you notice a drip coming from your ceiling, you need to have a Winter Springs roofing company take a look right away. Determining the cause of a leak and repairing it quickly can save you time and money in the long run. Our team of leak detection specialists at Advantage Roofing is skilled in tracking down the cause of a leak and fixing the issue that’s causing it.

Roof Inspection

When buying or selling a home, you should have your roof inspected. Sellers need to disclose any problems with a roof; buyers need to know what they’re getting into with a roof that may need to be repaired. You may think that a home inspector will handle a roof inspection, and they will look at it, but it takes an experienced Winter Springs roofing company to fully inspect your roof and give you a thorough inspection report that you can take into negotiations or to your insurance company.

Should You Look At Winter Springs Roofing Company Reviews?Winter Springs roofing company

The best way to discover the reputation of a roofing company is to read reviews from their customers. Some companies include reviews on their websites. We proudly display reviews from our customers at Advantage Roofing. We love this review from Cherrah J.:

“We were skeptical about roofing companies because we had had some bad experiences but I couldn’t say enough good things about Tom and Advantage Roofing. We had a very roof with lots of angles and a few skylights and they did an excellent job! They did not overcomplicate the process and we were able to make quick decisions and let them handle everything. It was also a great value compared to the other quotes we received.”

You can also do a quick Google search to see how customers rate a company and what types of reviews they have left. If the Winter Springs roofing company has any dissatisfied customers, look for a response from the company’s management. Did the roofing company work to resolve the issue? Finding out how a company treats its customers, satisfied or not, is a telling indicator of how you will be treated if you hire them.

At Advantage Roofing, we are the Winter Springs roofing company with experience in all areas of roofing and we are confident that we can help you with your next roofing project. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you.