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Do you have questions about whether your roof needs repair or replacement? We’ve got the answers about Maitland asphalt roof repair and why you may need it.

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of shingles for residential roofs. They give your house a good level of protection from the elements, are aesthetically appealing, and are more cost-effective than other roofing materials such as metal or clay shingles. And when it’s time for a Maitland asphalt roof repair, look no further than Advantage Roofing. Our experts explain some reasons you may need to repair your roof.


In Florida, rain is a common occurrence. It’s no surprise that roofs in this part of the country can leak from time to time. But what does a leak mean? Is it a sign you need a repair or a completely new roof? 

When you discover a leak or water spots on your ceiling, it’s best to have a Maitland asphalt roof repair professional take a look. Our roofing experts can determine if the damage is localized to the shingles or if there has been damage to the underlayment layers of your roof. We can then provide you with repair options that will have your roof leak-free in no time.

Leaks in more than one location can mean a repair won’t fix the problem, and a re-roof may be needed. Our roof team can inspect your roof to see the extent of the damage and provide you with a free estimate for repairs or a new roof.

Storm Damage

Wind, rain, hail, and especially lightning can damage your roof during a storm. After a large storm has come through your area and it’s safe to venture outside, look around for signs of damage such as:

Limbs Or Debris On Your Roof

If a storm has caused debris to hit your roof, it could have caused damage. Since it can be unsafe to inspect your roof yourself, contact Advantage Roofing, and we’ll climb up to take a look. Our experts can tell if you need Maitland asphalt roof repair.

Asphalt Granules On The Ground

Check around your downspouts for signs that your shingles are shedding their top layer. While some shedding is normal, especially for a new roof, excessive shedding could leave your shingles compromised. Have our team give you an assessment of any damage the storm may have caused.

Limbs Or Other Debris On The GroundMaitland asphalt roof repair

Even if you don’t see any debris on your roof, if there is debris on the ground, it could be a sign of roof damage. If a limb breaks and hits your roof before falling to the ground, your shingles could have been damaged by the impact. It’s better to be safe and make sure those limbs did not hit your roof by calling out our team at Advantage Roofing. 

Replace It Instead

When our team evaluates your roof, we may determine that you need a new roof. But, you can be assured that we will not recommend a new roof if a repair is all that’s needed. We have proudly been serving central Florida for over three decades by maintaining our integrity and customer service standards. But don’t take our word for it. See what satisfied customer, Jeffrey L. had to say:

“Received prompt quote. Once under contract, Advantage was responsive and resourceful in getting products and getting permits. Work started and completed exactly as scheduled. Tom and the field crew, led by Victor, were prompt and dedicated to their workmanship. I would use them again and would definitely refer to friends and neighbors.”

When you think you are in need of Maitland asphalt roof repair, contact Advantage Roofing. Our team of roofing experts can evaluate your roof to see if it needs repair or if it’s time for a complete re-roof. Then, we will provide you with a free estimate for the recommended project. We look forward to helping you with all your roofing needs.