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Narrowing your list of Maitland roofing contractors to handle your job can be daunting, but we’ll make it simple. Look for these services to know that you’ve made the right hire.

Making decisions about your home or business projects can put your brain in vapor lock. There are so many choices out there for any type of service. Roofing is no exception. A Google search will give you more choices than you’ll ever need. So how do you decide? Our skilled team of Maitland roofing contractors is here to help. Look for these essential services offered by roofing professionals to validate your decision.

Does Your Roofing Contractor Offer Roof Inspections?

It seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many roofing companies are not qualified to handle a roofing inspection. This is the first thing that our team at Advantage Roofing will do when we assess your roof. It’s the best way to know if you need a repair or a full replacement. We can also spot the less obvious problems that a layperson (or unqualified roofer) could miss.

Ask your Maitland roofing contractors if they also offer leak inspections. Whether you have a leak in your home or office and need to know the severity of the damage, or you’d just like us to make sure there are no leaks or potential signs of future leaks, we can do that.

Roof Repair

Your roof should last for decades with proper care. Occasional repairs will keep your roof sound and protect what’s inside. The only way to know if you need a repair is to pay attention to your roof. After a storm, for example, make a note of missing shingles, limbs on your roof, or other signs of possible damage. Then have our Maitland roofing contractors inspect your roof and recommend repairs.

Our team at Advantage Roofing is experienced in residential and commercial roofing repairs, and we can perform any type of roofing maintenance that is needed for your property.

Roof ReplacementMaitland roofing contractors

If your roof needs more than a repair, or if you’re building new construction, it’s important that your Maitland roofing contractors can handle the larger job of a roof replacement. Our team will discuss with you what type of roofing materials you’d like to use and then offer a quote on the project. Some of the roof types we work with include:

Each has its pros and cons, and we’re happy to discuss with you which material will work best for your structure.

Customer Service Is Essential

At Advantage Roofing, the most essential service we offer is customer service. We are proud of the reputation we’ve built over the last 30+ years, and we know that taking care of our customers is what keeps them coming back the next time they need Maitland roofing contractors for a roofing project. 

One of our valued customers, Heather S., left us this amazing review that we are honored to share on our website,

“I wanted to invest in my home and that meant I was doing everything to make sure it was the best service. Tom showed up at my home with a beautiful, orange, professional company folder that included the Asphalt Shingle magazine of the product line and detailed information on what to expect. This was a personalized folder that contained their name, business card, etc. I was floored. I had another estimate that had no such thing and provided a high-priced quote. I knew then, Tom was honest and this was his true life’s passion. To Protect and Serve all Mankind. LOVE IT!!! 

This completed job was the very best of enhancement to the property and tender loving care from his workers. I am truly indebted to this level of World Class Service and the professionalism that every business should provide as this successful business does. 

I will send everyone I know to Tom for any type of Roof Repair or Replacement. A huge thanks from my heart for this World, and in these times, needs to be filled with people like you Tom!!!

We love what we do and it shows. When you’re looking for Maitland roofing contractors who care about you and your roofing project, contact Advantage Roofing. We look forward to working with you.