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Most of us think of pitched roofs when a house comes to mind. But did you know that flat roof repair in Winter Park is for residential homeowners too? Here are some other little-known facts about flat roofs.

Flat roofs are common, but if you’ve never had one, you probably don’t know much about them or about flat roof repair in Winter Park. Get your pen and paper handy; there will be a quiz later (not really). Here are some little-known facts about flat roofs that you may find fascinating.

What Is A Flat Roof? 

A flat roof is just that, almost. Unlike a pitched roof that has steep angles, a flat roof is only pitched slightly to allow for water drainage. 

Is a Flat Roof Really Flat?

No, a flat roof is not completely flat. It has about a 10% pitch that keeps water from pooling and causing the roof to sag and leak. It does appear flat, however, especially compared to pitched roofs.

What’s The History Of Flat Roofs?

Flat roofs go way back. They are an ancient form of roof that were mostly used in arid climates. This type of roof would give the home-dweller more living space to be used on the roof. These days, flat roofs are used in all types of climates.

How Are Flat Roofs Constructed Today?

Traditionally, flat roofs are constructed with concrete or masonry. They are great at keeping heat out and are a cost-effective alternative to other types of roofs.

Flat Roofs Are Popular For Residential Add-Ons

When you think of a house, you likely think of a pitched roof, but flat roofs are very popular for homeowners looking for more living space like our ancient counterparts. 

If you’re thinking of building onto your home or adding a second story or a garage, a flat roof might be a good option

Building a sun deck above your garage would create a great place to have coffee in the morning and watch the sunset in the evening. Knowing your options for flat roof repair in Winter Park will help you decide if a flat roof is right for you.

Flat Roofs Are Also Widely Used For Commercial Buildings

When you think of flat roofs, you likely think of a large industrial or retail building. For example, Costco and Wal-Mart have large flat roofs. These buildings typically use their roof space to house their air conditioning units and other large equipment that needs to stay out of sight.

Another way a commercial building might use a flat roof is as a terrace for employees to gather for coffee or lunch. Think of an office building with a roof-top patio. Flat roofs are quite versatile. 

What Is The Lifespan Of A Flat Roof?

With proper maintenance, a flat roof can last 20-30 years. Several factors go into determining the lifespan of a flat roof, including:

How Do You Maintain A Flat Roof?flat roof repair in Winter Park

Flat roof repair in Winter Park can keep your roof in good condition for many years. Common repairs are due to leaks. Although a flat roof is pitched to allow water to run off, pooling can occur, causing leaks. Water can also get in through the seams and flashings. Patching these leaks should take care of the issue.

If water gets under the membrane, mold can grow, so it’s important to have our team at Advantage Roofing see if you need flat roof repair in Winter Park as soon as you notice a leak.

Need Flat Roof Repair In Winter Park?

Whether you need a repair or just have questions about flat roofs, we can help. Advantage Roofing has been installing and maintaining all types of roofs for over 30 years. Our team is highly qualified to answer your questions and give you a free estimate on any work that needs to be done. Contact us today for help with any roof questions.